Bridgnorth & District Camera Club Rules

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General Rules

  1. Competitions are open to all fully paid up members of the Bridgnorth & District Camera Club.
  2. Each print entered must display the entrant’s name and a title for the image on the back of the mount.
  3. In any competition, each entrant may enter a maximum of 3 images per category unless otherwise stated.
  4. Entries must conform to the following size rules:

Prints: The mount must be no more than 20 x 16 inches (400 x 500mm). There is no maximum or minimum limit to the size of the print within this mount. (Panoramic prints may be entered but may not be displayed in external competitions due to size restrictions).

Projected Images: The maximum size of the image should be 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high for optimum projection. Please ask for additional instruction sheet for further information, if you are unsure of these details.

  1. There are to be 2 (two) classes this season, Advanced for those who have reached an advanced level of competence. An Intermediate section for all those of a good, or average standard of competence. The standard of each new member with regards to which class they shall compete in shall be determined by the Competition Secretary or the Committee prior to submission of their first competition entry. The Competition Secretary or Committee reserves the right to determine in which class a member shall be placed. The Competition Secretary or Committee will promote or demote any member from any class respectively. Their decision shall be final.
  2. All images and prints must be the authors own work and not incorporate any images downloaded from the internet.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to exclude any image which is felt to be inappropriate.

Monthly Competitions

  1. Images may be entered as prints or projected images. Should you wish to submit a slide you may pass it to the Competition Secretary to be scanned to the computer. It will then be shown with the projected images.
  2. The titles of all images to be entered must be passed to the Competition Secretary at least one week before the competition. Projected Images must also be given to the Competition Secretary along with their titles one week before the competition. Late entries will only be accepted at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.
  3. Images entered will be shown as one category combining colour and monochrome images.
  4. The competitions will be judged by Federation judges who will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places as well as Highly Commended and Commended as they see fit.
  5. Points will be awarded to Advanced and Intermediate classes thus, 1st = 6 points, 2nd = 5 points, 3rd = 4 points, Highly Com. = 3 points, Com. = 2 points and 1 point to all others entered. These will then be totaled up over the course of the season to find the member with the highest overall score across both classes. This member will be presented with the Photographer of the Year (POTY) trophy. Please note; The POTY trophy may only be won by members in their second year of competition entry.
  6. All entries that are awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd cannot be entered again in a monthly competition.
  7. All other entries may be entered once more in a monthly competition.

Cup Competition’s

These competitions are open to ALL Club members, irrespective of which class they are placed in. No image or print may be entered in any of the cup competitions more than once.

The Curwen Cup: Monochrome prints – total of 2 (two), any subject.

Tomkins Cup:Digital projected images – total of 2 (two) images, any subject, colour or monochrome.

Bernard Danks Trophy:   Digital ‘creative’ images – total of 2 (two) images any subject, colour or monochrome images, but must be completely ‘creative’ or ‘conceptual’ in form to produce a more unusual, interesting, or thought provoking image, possibly incorporating made up characters or an enviroment to generate an emotion, idea, or message.

The Frank Hodgetts Cup:  Digital projected ‘landscape’ images  – total of 2 (two) images but they must contain mountains, valleys or hills. Mono or colour.

The Annual Exhibition Competiton.

  1. Judging will be carried out by Federation judge.
  2. The Annual Exhibition is a Print competition only, both sections of Advanced, and Intermediate are eligible to enter in their own class only. Each member may enter 3 (three) prints in their particular section, unless the Competition Secretary decides to increase/decrease entries.
  3. Entries submitted must not have been used in any other  ‘Annual Exhibition Competition’ or  ‘Cup’ competitions.
  4. All trophies awarded will be held for approximately 1 year and must be cleaned and handed in at the advised time to enable the engraving process before they are presented the following year.

Premier Print and Projected Image Award.

The ‘Premier’ award for the best print or projected image, will be decided by the Federation judge at the Annual Exhibition for Prints and on the evening of the Bernard Danks and Tomkins cup competitions for Projected Images.

Other In-House Competitions

The ‘Chairman’s Challenge Cup’  has an annual theme and will be judged by the Club Chairman. This is a digital projected image competition of 1 (one) entry per member. Images and titles will have to be provided to the Competition Secretary at the advised time.

There may be various other competitions throughout the year, which will be judged by club members themselves by way of a voting system. Members must not vote for their own work.

Inter-Club Battles

Prints and Projected Image entries in battles will be chosen by the Competition Secretary, Chairman or Vice Chairman. Members will be advised in advance if or when different or further images are required for selection.

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