1. The name of the club is The Bridgnorth and District Camera Club. It is affiliated to the Photographic Alliance through the Midland Counties Photographic Federation.

2. The aims of the Club are to encourage members in photographic skills and to organise meetings, competitions and exhibitions.

3. Membership of the Club is open to all interested in photography.

4. The Club at its Annual General Meeting will nominate and elect, with the nominees’ prior consent, a President and Vice-President who will become Honorary members, and an Executive Committee consisting of: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, Competition and Exhibition Secretary and three other members, one of whom may act as Publicity Officer. Members at the 2012 AGM voted to accept an External Competition Secretary to the full committee.
These positions will be held for one year. Holders are eligible for re-election, but the Vice-Chairman succeeds to the Chair for the ensuing year.

5. The Annual General Meeting will be held one week after the Annual Dinner.

6. Committee Meetings are to be called by the Chairman or General Secretary, or at the request to either of them by three Committee Members. All Committee Members must be notified of Committee Meetings. Five Committee members will constitute a quorum. The Executive Committee may appoint Sub-committees, for a special purpose when necessary. The Chairman and General Secretary, being aware of forthcoming Club activities should, where necessary, advise the appropriate officer or sub-committee to act. Club Members should be informed of photographic activities, which may be of interest or concern.

7. An Extraordinary General Meeting, may be called by the Chairman, upon application to him, by a minimum of four Club Members. Any such meeting must be held within 28 days of the request being made.

8. The Annual Subscription to the Club will be fixed at the Annual General Meeting. Membership is forfeited if the subscription due for the Season is not paid by 31st October of that year. Those joining after the Christmas recess will pay half the current yearly fee. N.B. A responsible adult/parent or other, will give their permission for any persons under the age of 16 years to attend the clubs meetings, and the junior member will pay only half the current yearly fee.

9. The Club Bank Account will be held at LLOYDS TSB. Bridgnorth Branch. Cheques will be signed by any two of Treasurer, Chairman or General Secretary.

10. An Annual Exhibition will be organised for Members whenever financial conditions allow and with the committee’s agreement. It will be judged by a Federation Judge.

11. Door Fees, charged in addition to the Club Annual subscription. Subscribed Members and Prospective New Members will be charged a fee agreed by members at the AGM. Occasional Visitor / General Public are invited or attending an evening of interest to them or occasions where outside speakers are lecturing will be charged a higher rate door fee, again agreed by members at the AGM. All Door Fees are inclusive of refreshments of Tea / Coffee and Biscuits.

12. In the event of the Club folding, the assets of the Club would be auctioned off and the proceeds given to a charity of the Members choice at that time.

13. These Rules may only be altered at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Last Revised 19th August  2018.